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Now Time to Dry Your Clothes... Simply Better & Efficient way with our 


Our Deluxe Dry Pull-It Drying System, is a permanent clothes drying solution – means it will be fixed to ceiling or a wall to save space and keep the floor accessible for all purpose. They can be either retracted or tilt out for usage. Our Pull-It Drying System is the most common among retractable options, it is very convenient if you are looking for a dryer with lesser space to hang in your balcony, corridor etc.


Yes, if you want cloth drying Systems for small balconies, then DryPlus Pull-It Drying System is the appropriate one.

And the best part of it is you don't need to fold it or store it when not in use, as its on ceiling completely out of the sight and saves  all your floor space completely.

Why Deluxe Dry Pull-It Drying System ?

  • Very Easy & Convenient to Use.
  • Saves All Your Floor Space.
  • Perfect for Installing at Lesser Space like Balconies, Corridors, Laundry Rooms, Store Rooms, Terrace Wall Sides, Over Bathtubs, House Backyard etc.
  • Holds Full Load of Laundry upto 3 Kgs per pipe.
  • Easily installed on both dry walls and concrete ceilings.
  • Also installed / attached on wood base.
  • To hang clothes you need to just lowered the pipes together and then easily mounted to the ceilings for better clothes drying solution.
  •  Aluminium Pipes (4 with connector, 4 without connector)
  • Clothes dry very efficiently due to its thick pipes never crease your clothes, hence saves your electricity bill, as no ironing is needed anymore.


Advantages & Benefits of Deluxe Dry Pull-It Drying System :

  • Durable as made of  Aluminium Pipes.
  • Takes lesser space to get installed.
  • Multiple sizes options to fits in everyone's need.
  • Can be install Indoor as well as Outdoor, as per your need.
  • Resonable pricing.
  • Saves your entire floor space.
  • Better premium looks, enhance your house beauty.
  • Cloth drying Space ranges from 16 feet to 36 feets.

Yes! Now you can select product Dimensions / Sizes as per your requirement and choices...


Technical Specifications :

  •  Aluminium Pipes: O.D. 22mm., I.D. 19.8mm.
  • Channel (with mounted Pulley System): 24″ length
  • Pulley System: Delrin
  • Rope: 4mm., diameter HDPE Double Core
  • Channel Mounting screws: 38 x 8 Self Tapping


Kit Consists :

  • Carrying bag with handle
  • Aluminium pipes (4 with connector, 4 without connector)
  • Channel pair: 1 with Single Pulley 1 with Double Pulley
  • Rope: 4 long, 4 short ropes of required length
  • Fitting material consists of Special Lock Assembly 4 nos, Channel Mounting Screws 8 nos, Rope End Cap 4 nos, Pipe End Cap 8 nos, and Raval Plugs 12 nos.

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